5 Ways To Boost Your EQ

If you want to succeed in both your professional and personal life, there are several skills that you should develop. While having a clear vision and creative ideas are important, research shows that emotional intelligence is a crucial skill for effective leadership and success. 

Here are the five ways to boost your emotional intelligence and find Iconic success.


1. Increase your self-awareness: Good leaders continually work on their personal improvement. They actively seek feedback from others on how they come across and areas where they can improve. This may include finding organizations or coaches that can provide honest feedback. Great leaders recognize that they are always a work in progress and are open to finding ways to enhance themselves.


2. Develop your listening skills: Effective leaders understand the importance of listening. They know that everyone wants to be heard. By developing your listening skills, you not only acquire valuable information, but you also improve your ability to understand nonverbal cues and connect with others.


3. Show genuine interest in others: Emotionally intelligent individuals make an effort to get to know others. They learn the names of everyone in their company and strive to find out what is important to them, whether it’s their family, hobbies, or interests. Showing a personal interest in others helps them feel valued as individuals, rather than just employees.


4. Develop your ability to manage emotions: Being able to manage both your own emotions and those of others is an important skill for leaders. Emotionally intelligent leaders process information and respond thoughtfully, taking into account the underlying feelings behind the words spoken.


5. Develop a strong sense of appreciation: Great leaders with high emotional intelligence are aware that others have contributed to their success. One way to cultivate gratitude is by keeping a gratitude journal and jotting down three things you are grateful for every day. This helps maintain a positive attitude and keeps motivation high.


Having high emotional intelligence is crucial for success. Incorporating these five tips into your life can help boost your emotional intelligence and improve your chances of achieving success.

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